Dinosaur skull rises from a 3D point cloud

Dinosaur skull rises from a 3D point cloud

Work done by a joint effort for TUDelft Science Museum

Sylvia Pont, University of Delft, and her team have been busy this autumn period. Via joint efforts they have realised a lighting plan supporting a novel exhibition in the TUDelft Science Museum. The students, including our own ESR Cehao YU, designed concepts and did simulations and model tests. They also helped with communication and dissemination of the information about the work. LedMotive, one of DyViTo’s industry partners, helped in calculating the spectral tuning and delivered the lamps for that effect.

Image 1. Triceratops skull on display

The final result consists of dynamic shadow play, spectral tuning to mask the differences between real bone and 3D printed parts, then changing to white light to make those visible, plus special effects (stroboscope and lasers). It supports the story telling of what is known about the species, where this skull comes from and all things that happened to it, and which technologies were used to scan, model and reconstruct the skull – which is unique in its kind  for showing that (in the museums for natural history reconstructed parts are “camouflaged”). The unique part of the spectral tuning is using it to mask material differences (while in shops etc it is used to bring out certain colours associated with ripeness, freshness etc).

Image 2. Close photo of skull with 3D printed elements

If you want to read more about this fascinating exhibit, please use the link below:


The best part? The participants of the lighting design elective got the Skull 21 tour as an excursion. So the design now formed a unique contribution to the cohorts learning…by literally, showing them the light!

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